Our bistro was created for people who want to have a delicious quick bites.

A nutritious breakfast that will give you energy for the whole day? Lunchbreak during sunbathing? Or maybe a coffee while walking along the  promenade? Our bistro is a place where you can make your spontaneous ideas come true. Kids are welcome. On top of delicious kids menu, we have prepared a play corner where they can let their  energy flow.

Subtle colors and books at your fingertips.

Even during a short visit to My Fish, you can indulge in a moment of relaxation. Air-conditioned rooms bring relief on hot summer days, allowing you to shelter from the intense sun. The interior of the bistro is filled with shades of white and blue, creating a soothing space. Our guests have at their disposal a library where everyone will find something for themselves.

My Fish Bistro & Restauracja

Reymonta St. 3AB/20

tel. +48 94 355 49 91
tel. +48 509 608 271


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Bistro 10:00-18:00

Restaurant 12:00-21:00